Analyst Coverage

This list may not be complete and is subject to change at any time. Please note that any opinions, estimates or forecasts regarding Cencosud SA´s historical or predicted performance made by the analysts at these firms are theirs alone and do not represent opinions, forecasts or predictions of Cencosud S.A. or its management. Cencosud S.A. provides this list as a service to its shareholders, and does not expressly or impliedly endorse, adopt, or concur with such information, conclusions or recommendations. Interested individuals must obtain copies of analysts’ reports direct from the broker as Cencosud S.A. does not distribute these reports.


Firm Analyst Email
Banchile Cristina Acle
BCI Veronica Perez
BICE Inversiones Aldo Morales
Euroamerica Claudio Ormazábal
GBM Francisco Maluenda
Credicorp Carolina Ratto
Larrain Vial Miguel Moreno
Santander Yair Avayu Dueñas
Security Sebastián Hartmann

International – Equity Analysts

Firm Analyst Email
Bank of America Merril Lynch Robert Ford
Barclays Benjamin Theurer
BTG Pactual Alonso Aramburú
Citi Julio Zamora
Credit Suisse Antonio Gonzalez
Deustche Bank Marcel Moraes
GBM México Luis Willard
Goldman Sachs Irma Sgarz
Itaú Joaquin Ley
JP Morgan Joseph Giordano
Scotiabank Rodrigo Echagaray
UBS Gustavo Oliveira
Morgan Stanley Franco Abelardo

International - Fixed Income

Firm Analyst Email
Bank of America Merril Lynch Roy Yackulic
Citi Nicolas Fabiancic
JP Morgan Daniela Savoia