Matías Videla , ,

Mr. Matias Videla is our Chief Executive Officer since December 2019. He joined the Company in 1997 as a trainee for Corporate Financial Control and Supermarkets division. In 2008, Mr. Videla was promoted to Financial Control Officer of the Company and in 2009 he was appointed Manager of Supermarkets Argentina. In 2018, Mr. Videla took on the position of Chief Corporate Manager of the Shopping Centers division and in January 2019 was promoted to Chief Financial Officer. Matias holds a Business Administration degree from the Universidad Salvador (USAL) and an Executive MBA from the Universidad Austral.

Bronislao Jandzio , ,

Mr. Jandzio has been our Audit Managing Director since 1998. Before joining Cencosud, he was the Regional Chief for the Global Accounting Department for the Deutsche Bank Group in Frankfurt, Germany. Mr. Jandzio has a Banklehre diploma from the German Banking Academy.

Ricardo Bennett , ,

Mr. Bennett was appointed as our Department Store Managing Director in February 2014. He joined Cencosud in 2008 as Department Store Business Development Manager. Mr. Bennett holds a degree in civil engineering and an MBA from ESADE, Barcelona, Spain. Prior to joining Cencosud Mr. Bennett was a buyer at Falabella.

German Cerrato , ,

Mr. German Cerrato is our Corporate Shopping Centers Manager, since February 2019. Mr. Cerrato joined the Company in 2007, taking on different positions in the Shopping Centers division throughout Argentina, Chile and Colombia. Before being promoted to the management level of the Shopping Centers, Mr. Cerrato was appointed Regional Real Estate Development Manager, a position he held from 2016 and 2018. During 2018, Mr. Cerrato was appointed Manager of Shopping Centers Argentina.

Sebastián Rivera , ,

Mr. Sebastian Rivera is our Corporate Legal Affairs and Institutional Relations Manager, since February 2019. Mr. Rivera originally joined the Company in 2002 as an adviser in judicial matters for the Shopping Centers and Financial Services divisions. In 2012, after three years away, Mr. Rivera returned to the Company as Deputy Manager of Legal Affairs and in 2014 became the Manager of the department. Mr. Rivera holds a Law degree from the Universidad de Chile and a Master in Corporate law from the Universidad Catolica.

Sebastián Conde , ,

Mr. Sebastian Conde is our Corporate Human Resources Manager since March 2019. Before joining Cencosud Mr. Conde was Vice President of Human Resources at CODELCO and President of the Board of Directors of its private health systems (ISAPRES) and hospitals. He also served as Secretary of the Board of Directors of Antofagasta PLC, President of the Board of Directors of Asociación Chile de Gas Licuado and was Associate Professor of the Industrial Engineering department at the Universidad de Chile. Previously, Mr.Conde was employed at Exxon Mobil Corporation where he held a variety of positions including; Financial Manager, Corporate Trainee Manager, Human Resource Manager, Corporate Projects Manager, Chief Executive Manager and Director of its companies in Santiago, New York, Houston, Paris, Singapore, Bangkok and Buenos Aires. Mr. Conde holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Master in Public Affairs from Princeton University, United States.