Department Stores

Our Department Store division is our third most relevant division in terms of revenues, contributing with approximately 11% of total revenues. In terms of adjusted EBITDA the division represents 4% of our consolidated adjusted EBITDA.

  • Chile: In March 2005, Cencosud begun its participation in this industry through the acquisition of Empresas Almacenes Paris S.A., which later changed its name to Paris. By the end of 2011 we materialized the acquisition of Johnson Department Stores, and today the division runs a total of 79 stores with 378,992 sqm of selling space.
  • Peru: The division started its expansion plans to Peru in 2013, with openings in Cencosud Shopping Centers developments. Nowadays, Cencosud runs 11 Paris stores with 61,427 sqm of selling space in the country.