Who is Cencosud?

Our Mission

Cencosud manages its value chain using a business model based on four strategic pillars: Corporate Governance, People, Product, and Planet, which has allowed it to add sustainability to its business model. Added to this are the strategic focal points, which are the basis that will enable it to have the resources and structures necessary to face challenges and capture opportunities. Cencosud fulfills its mission of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of its customers, employees, and the community they are part of. It understands that it will grow not only as a business but that it will support the communities where it is present in facing the main challenges of climate change. For that, the Company is sure that the value they create must translate into benefits for all its stakeholders.

We are all About The Details

Cencosud operates every day with passion, respect, transparency, and trust to improve its customers' quality of life through an experience that is unique, sustainable, and with unequaled quality standards in its products and services.

Sustainability Strategy Pillars

Sustainability Strategy Pillars

Our Business

We believe we are one of the leading multi-brand retailers in South America. We operate through many formats, including supermarkets, home improvement stores, shopping centers, department stores, and financial services (JV in most countries). We are headquartered in Chile and have operations in Chile and Argentina, markets in which Cencosud started and consolidated its leadership position to continue expanding to Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. To supplement our core retailing business, we are involved in the commercial real estate development business via Cencosud Shopping in Chile, Peru, and Colombia, with 12 Shopping Malls, 27 Power Centers, and the Costanera Center Complex, in addition of 5 lands representing more than 650,000 square meters of gross leasable area for third parties as of September 30, 2021. We also offer private label credit cards, consumer loans, and limited financial services to our retail customers.