Who is Cencosud?

Our mission

We strive to be one of the most profitable and prestigious retailers in Latin America. Every day we concentrate our efforts to ensure that our customers have a superior shopping experience. We work with respect for the communities we live with, in each of the countries in which we operate.

Our ambition

Our ambition is to continue developing our multi-format proposal and to use the competitive advantages this provides in all our business units, in order to become one of the most renowned retailers of Latin America.

Our business

We believe we are one of the leading multi-brand retailers in South America. We operate through a number of formats, including supermarkets, home improvement stores, shopping centers and department stores. We are headquartered in Chile and have operations in Chile and Argentina, markets in which Cencosud started and consolidated its leadership position, to continue its expansion to Brazil, Colombia and Peru. To supplement our core retailing business, we are involved in the commercial real estate development business in Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia with 53 shopping malls representing 794.592 square meters of gross leasable area for third parties as of December 31, 2015. We also offer private label credit cards, consumer loans and limited financial services to our retail customers.